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My personal blog... focussing on Technology, Business Analysis, Hacking, and Making stuff. The site is powered by Jekyll & GitHub pages.

Raspberry Pi Photo Booth

The source code for my Raspberry Pi Photo Booth.

For more detail, visit my related blog post.

Where The Truck At

A website and iPhone app, that tracks the location of Australia's Gourmet Food Trucks.
The site is currently live.
For commercial reasons, WTTA is currently closed source.

Axure Reannotate

A javascript bookmarklet for user's of Axure's Browser preview.
The bookmarklet assigns "numberings" to all annotations.

WP Launchable

Helps people who build WordPress websites, by:

  • Checking sites for common problems
  • Suggesting code snippets
  • Providing an extensible framework for custom alerts, fixes, and code snippets

Slide Deck: Testing your WordPress

My #WPMelb talk "Testing for Websites and Plugins" built with Bespoke.js
A presentation covering: Selenium IDE, PHPUnit, and WordPress Development

iConnect Plus

A Google Chrome extension.